June 08, 2010

Stoney Grace

Here's my effort of Magpie 17:   It's a bit late but I had it on draft to complete.

Stoney Grace.

Since I was a budding child, you've fascinated me
Ever staring, weather bearing, what will be, will be.

You were hidden in our garden, overgrown with manic sheaves
Concrete waves that framed your face peeked through the ivy leaves.

We picked you up and there you were, a bust in concrete grey
Dusted down and turned around our little girl of clay.

Moved you around the garden, to give you visions new
And shelter when the sky is fierce, all dark and moody blue.

And so our strange new relic, now our guardian of ground
Kept a steady eye on things, no sight and not a sound.

I asked you as I cleaned you if you're shouting or in shock
But the secret soul expression stays solidified in rock.

I've even tried to name you but a title never fits
You'll always be our mystery with grainy little bits

You're the maiden of our garden, in which ever way you choose
In taciturn your endless stare surrounds a tearful druse.

Then one night, so so long ago still sticks with me within
You creeped  me out with your silent shout, obscurity wherein:

By the window opened wide, moonlight on sullen grey,
I heard a lull in lilac tones, a singular soiree.

It never did repeat itself, where e'er you graced the ground,
May long you live in silent mode and evermore confound.



00dozo said...

Very intriguing poem on the prompt! Nice Magpie!

(p.s. I took a peek around your other blog - you're kinda nutty! LOL) ;-)

Shari Sunday said...

Love your grainy mystery girl. Funny and creepy at the same time. Good job.

Lena said...

Thanks ladies!

OOdozo - cheers for visiting my other blog. I'm the only female in the house so being mad is crucial to my sanity...!

Jingle said...

wonderfully done...
hope that you enjoy the fun
with it.
thank you for visiting me!

Stafford Ray said...

Helena, Thank the GSM you didn't find a dead child in there somewhere! Well written as I now expect from you!

Oddyoddyo13 said...


Tammy said...

This is brilliant!!

Paul C said...

Really enjoyed the rhythm and the meaningful title.

rel said...

Delightful, simply delightful.
now i feel a song coming on.
Nice Magpie.

Anonymous said...

Before I comment on 'Stoney Grace' I just wanted to say that I really like your son's band. Those guys are going places, for sure. I am also tickled you have a Queens Of The Stone Age video up because well - best band ever, in my opinion. I wish your son every success.

Moving along....

Your poem captures so well the feeling one gets in childhood when trying to glean any kind of human feeling from statues and dolls and so on.

I liked the whimsy of this, the magic and that one special moment where a sound was uttered. The garden will forever be a place of possibility due to its guardian.


Brian Miller said...

wonderfully written...multi talented as well dopped by the other blog earlier...

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderfully done! Magical, mystical with a pinch of eerie. Love it.

Annie said...

I was completely enchanted. Not only is your story a total charmer, but the rhythm as soothing and mysterious.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your ryhme, very clever with the couplets!

Lena said...

I'm amazed at the comments received here. Magpie Tales lets me escape from the daily grind and the idea's from the prompts are wonderfully mastered. Thank you all!

And Selma - thank you also for taking the time to check out Casino. The guys work really hard to produce these songs and video's in between uni and work ect. I'll let them know you've wished them well!

kathew said...

Love this take on the "grainy mystery girl"
Fab Magpie!

brenda said...

Oh Lena, this is wonderful. You've worked rhyme through the piece without sounding at all forced. Very natural piece.

I want one in my garden, and yes let it wail! ;)

C.M. Jackson said...

great magpie--love the tale of the mysterious girl

Lyn said...

I do love this mysterious girl..I guess the enigma won't be solved...very good!