May 02, 2014

Crushed Stuff and Corkscrews

Way-hey!  Found an old lottery slip from March while collecting the upstairs dirty washing pile, matched three numbers and won me £10!   That's me sorted with a nice Chardonnay and Jelly Babies for tomorrow's humungous ironing.   Oh, yes, that biweekly torture where I overdose on omnibus Judge Judy and  Deadly Women episodes - sinister sounding, I know - to help get me through the dastardly deed!    This time the wine is an added bonus and won't be opened until 11.30am the afternoon.

Anyhow, I can say in all honesty that there's a (99.9%) small chance the ticket may have been Adam's as I have no recollection of buying one in March!   But I've decided that since the ticket was found on my premises it is therefore mine.

 What?!   D'you know how much it'd cost him for a domestic ironing company to tackle that mountain-load?!

I know....JJ would give me an instant  'case dismissed!'


anne marie in philly said...

ironing? what's that?

richard said...

ya, ironing? women still iron?
you're joking, right?

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This reminds me of that feeling of finding money in your pockets when you forgot it was there!

Jon said...

I applaud anyone who takes the time to iron. I never iron. In fact, I haven't seen an ironing board since I was a child (my mother ironed).

Judge Judy scares the hell out of me. She's a real Bitch. She could turn a straight guy gay.

musicwithinyou said...

I found money once in the dyer. I didn't care to ask if it was theirs. :)) mine now!!