September 27, 2012

Fool Britannia

It isn't often I whap up a video but I was both in stitches and shame at the same time with this one.  Here's the leader of my country, in all his political swinery, making a shambles of himself on The David Letterman show.  A little cutting jest to Letterman went something like:

'We interfered in your (America's) politics roughly 200 years ago, sailing up the river to burn down the White House.'

Moments later, Letterman left him with egg on his face after he couldn't answer a few historic, British facts. His ignorance in not knowing who wrote 'Rule Britannia'  probably summed up the guy in that useless little hesitation before he replies 'Elgar?  I, at least, knew it was a Scots and English joint effort of some puffs in ruffs!

Cameron has raped the economy, failed to support the health system, the rich are being taxed less, our soldiers in Afghanistan are dropping like flies and as for education - he's abolished travel expenses for further education students and threatening to cut the student loan. These are just some of the things effecting me personally, but the list goes on.  He's labeling the unemployed and single mums in his swine-ful own way as 'adapting to a culture of disruption and irresponsibility '  What he really wants to dub them are "Families from Hell!"  He's an Etonian and will never put the condiments on the sitting room table. Never has. 

 I've never experienced so many tumbling blocks and brick walls and basic rights being arsed with, in any government before.  Besides - when a PM takes time out from G20 talks with Obama & Co,  to focus on a shit comedian's (Jimmy Carr) tax dodging, reassures me no end that he's got his priorities right!



Jon said...

Well, you can be thankful for one thing - - he's not as big an idiot as Barrack Hussein Obama!(I call him the Kenyan Princess)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Good to know America isn't the only one stuck with a dummy. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I know nothing of the man. :)

jabblog said...

The opposition's no better - what a pity David Miliband didn't defeat his brother.

Thank the Lord we haven't got Mitt Romney, though . . . heaven help America if he gets in!