October 07, 2011


Prettyboy attended a recent wedding. His gorgeous girlfriend Stacey's brother was getting married. Apparently, the Vicar was a funny old guy. The bride was a little late and to fill the awkwardness he started to sing the notes from the Wedding March,  'Da-da-da-da'....(everyone stood up) which he then backed up with 'da-da-da-da-da-da-da' (notes 4-10)...from the Funeral March. Bridey turned up and during the course of the ceremony he kept pausing to feel the groom's head and going, 'he's okay, he's okay'. Later on Bridey nervously got the ring hand wrong, to which he remarked 'pillock' to her. Then he was first up to the bar after the 'I Do's'.  With these being just a few of his hilarious antics, I want to book him in now for my funeral. 

                              The Pretty One With The Even Prettier One


auntiegwen said...

I wonder if it was my brother in law :)

Lena said...

Thin? Dodgy comb-over? Smells of lavender and Condor, apparently.....