July 24, 2011

Up Your Placentas.......!

Today PrettyBoy flopped on to the settee after work (at the new hospital) and let out a huge sigh.

     "You'll never believe what I had to take to Waste Management today?"

Going over the most obvious of innards, we were still none the wiser, so I asked for a clue.

      "A bucket of babies?" I quipped, as I now knew the answer. Placentas.
      "Mum - it was disgusting. I had a peek and the smell was gross. I'll never huff at a mortuary delivery ever again!"

I did try to convince him that there are woman, husbands even, that bring it home with the baby and cook and eat it. A symbol of good health and fortune type thingy. However, this picture and blog I come across had slightly different plans for it. 

They took the placenta home, froze it until the better weather appeared and used it to fertilise the ground for their new frangipani tree. With all the richness and nutrition that accompanies these vital-for-baby organs, I'm quite touched at this picture. This is life being aided for the second time now.



kobico said...

I don't think anyone I know saved the placenta after giving birth, although I do know people who have saved fish innards to use as fertilizer.

thingy said...

Yikes! I have heard about planting it, but eating it!?

I'll pass.