July 25, 2011

Fame- Spiked And Biked

It was only ever a notion
To perform in a tea-cup of stars
A balancing act, with a beauty impact
Ogling men smoking Cuban cigars

Nodding the wink to each other
Choosing the maiden with care
Courtesans, sporting fans, come along now
Entrancing each young debonair

Devilish stunts on a cycle
The captor of rubber and steel
Bows flapping, men clapping lightly
No faults and no head over heels.

She may wish for a star to come crashing
To capture this young debutant
Give peace and release from the metal
Till she finds her Guy de Maupassant

But it's round in a circle of tyre tracks
And accurate judgement of scope
Bracing yourself for the day when
An equivalent hands you the rope


Reflections said...

What a fabulous write for the prompt! Love your take on it.

Wow... looks like things are really coming along for the band. How EXCITING!!!


..your last two verses are a stunning for me... and the whole flow is a success..."She may wish for a star to come crashing To capture this young debutante" - like your touch with this line and the amalgamation of Guy de Maupassant... thanks for the poem!(:

Brightest blessings!


The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Awesome!

Jinksy said...

really enjoyable playing with words all through this - Thanks! ♥

Berowne said...

I like your mention of 19th-century French advertising. I came up with something very similar.

Kirsty said...

Hope you're doing okay, Helena. You post put me in mind of that bike we used to 'borrow' from Dawson Park. Sore arses all round by the time we trailed it out!♥

Morning said...

knowledgeable and poetic thoughts on the prompt.
Thanks for sharing.

PattyF said...

An absolutely delightful poem!

Bee's Blog said...

I so enjoyed this - a fabulous read.

Lydia said...

How unique this is! I was simply reeling (nearly retching) from the placenta post, and am grateful to this poem for endearingly taking my mind off of its predecessor!