December 06, 2010

When - The But and Ben

In winter there's a place we go
Forever's Promise made
If the cottage step lay fresh with snow
We keep to what we said.

Snow, in all it's glory
Respecter not of depth
Starts it's own short story
Oh, what secret  it's walls  kept

The But 'n' Ben, in our special glen.
Lets crystal white pervade
Creeps across the mist and fog
To encumber in the glade

Our home, our hearts, where love departs
From spouses we withhold
They taste like winter anyway
Culling in the cold

Our place, our tryst, conjugal heist
A winter hide-away
Heart that bleeds like a divorcee's
Let time wile guilt away

So, now and then, and once again
Suffuse in sparkling whites
The cords of sin, that holds within
Thaws out the wicked nights

I pray for you, I pray for me, I pray for winter's nights
And stellar plates, bullet rose and simple stalagmites.......


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Wow. This was DEFINITELY one of my favorites. :)

Lyn said...

Very rich..image to image..very original!

thingy said...

Wow, indeed!