December 15, 2010

See?! - Told You He Was Real.....!!

This is my utmost, bestest Christmas photograph.  It shows GingerNut (who's not long  turned 3 in the pic) about to greet Santa.  The big fella has just called out Adam's name to receive his pressie from the nursery.  The wonderment just oozes from that tot expression and the innocence making his little fingers twist awkwardly at his sides.  Could belief be any more apparent?

We still have the present - a jigsaw road track with wind-up car, ambulance and police vehicle - and it won't be GingerNut's again until  he father's his own little one - in perfect working order. Here's hoping he hasn't any lasting memories of that duck shirt and corduroy trousers he was togged in to meet 'ole Santa....!