July 17, 2010

Brass In Passing

Magpie # 23

Old apartments, faded walls
Toned down lights, as nights befall.

And through the day they pass you by
Brushed by coats but not the eye.
A cylindrical brassy chamber
To snuff out flames before the danger.

If they needed you at all
Would you slide easy from the wall?
Would you function as you should?
Before the flames engulfed the wood

Who has cared to go peruse
The embossed words for future use?
No-one has swabbed your cobs away
As spider's spin, where you've to spray.

Can they rely on  pure assumption
You'll take up your primal function?
So many who don't give a jot
If you work  - or you do not.

So many years of disregard
Some learn the burning lesson hard.
She'll visit you, the fire sprite
Seeking reasons to ignite.

Old apartments, faded walls
toned down lights, as nights befall.

This piece has been written by a Willowy prompt for we Magpiers:


brenda w said...

Wonderful Magpie, Lena. The rhythm is fluid. You've created an almost cautionary tale, the moral being: Check you fire extinguishers. This is well done. Thanks!

Helen said...

I thought your Magpie to be one of the best this week!!!

christine said...

I loved the rhyming and rhythm of this, it just sped along.


signed...bkm said...

I can picture the old apartments and halls, blessed with the fire extinguisher..standing quard..nice magpie...bkm

willow said...

I really like "swabbed your cobs"! :)

Catalyst said...

And well written it is!

Angie Muresan said...

The rhythm in this poem is so lovely. Great writing!

RA said...

You paint a clear picture with your words.

chiccoreal said...

Dear Lena: Definitely waxing poetic here. An excellent foray into the wild side of fire. I feel like I have gotten another hot flash!

"Would you function as you should?
Before the flames engulfed the wood"

A good case for having lots of fire drills with firemen!

Marilyn said...

This is so well written - I liked 'and through the day they pass you by, brushed by coats but not the eye' - too true.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

JeffScape said...


"Would you function as you should?
Before the flames engulfed the wood"

made me recall an incident involving a fire extinguisher that exploded.

On that note, I should get my extinguishers checked...

Joan said...

Thank you for joining my blog! I've loved linking into yours! Enjoyed your Magpie>
Such fun blogging is!! I really like your son's music! I have a son with a covers band in NZ. He lives in London now but he started a band in our garage age 16 and 17 years later the Squeeze lives on.

Brian Miller said...

you painted quite the picture with your magpie...great flow and form...and will be checking mine when i get home. smiles. nice magpie!

Lyn said...

Really hope it works! There's something to be said for being prepared...

Friko said...

Hi Lena,

Another clever and well-crafted magpie. I hardly belong in such company.
Glad to meet you and your blog and thank you for visiting mine.

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent - a reminder to check the fire alarm and the extinguisher. A lovely poem, for sure!

~T~ said...

We do take our safety for granted, don't we? Lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

a well written magpie nicely done!

ninotaziz said...

Calming cadence and simply lovely!