January 30, 2010

Quirks, Jerks and Going Berserk

PrettyBoy was in the kitchen tonight with me and watching me intently as I dried my hair. As it's long and thick it takes me a little while for the full-dry effect and I simply bend over and dry it upside down. Wondering what the interest was I asked him if I had nits. And being a smart arse he replied 'probably'  then said for years now near the end of my blasting I count to ten, then switch the hairdryer off.  But that's not all.
                 At the end of a hearty laugh, I always finish with "ahooo".  If there's a horror film on or I'm freaked out I always grab and twist my hair on the right side only. Sometimes, apparently,  I flare my nostrils when engrossed in something. God knows why but I seemingly do. I can't settle either if ornaments aren't the same distance apart and I'm a nut for symmetry. Open windows need to be the same distance apart and I never sleep until I've read a full chapter of my bedtime book - even if it's 50+ pages long. 
                 Something else I do that I'm that aware of is when settling on the settee, I always run my heel up and down the front of my other foot, specially if I'm getting tired. But there are a few deliberate habits I've got. Taking too much out of the cash machine when I'm alone is one, forgetting to bring along my purse when the cheaper-half is with me and another is pretending I'm asleep when I'm not (we've all done it girls, haven't we?). Sometimes, it's the pile of dishes that greet me on my return home that brings out the best in me, something the boys all know that comes naturally. Shouting!! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEE!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I'm obsessive about dropping things then putting them back. Even if I'm in a hurry and would have time to put them back later, I always stop and pick them up.

Great post. I find it hilarious when people having habits that never fail to turn up one way or another. Interesting to learn about other people's habits.

PurestGreen said...

Hey, great blog. I love your humour and insightful writing about daily life. Good stuff.

Lena said...

Well, I'm usually always at home so it's family business usually. Need to get out more!

Anonymous said...

I once read somewhere that humans are quirky, twitchy things....

That we are...lol.

Love it that you outed yourself.