September 15, 2009

Can You Spare Me A Few........?

I'm not asking a lot this week. Just a few minutes of your time to listen to my son's band Casino (he's the drummer!) and tell me what you think of their new video The High! Don't worry, it's easily listening and over 40 friendly! And you'll find it to your right on my profile (the top one). I know I bang on about my offspring a lot but the guys worked so hard on their music and for uni students with part time work and constant gigging I commend them very much! Remember to double click for the full pic!

Thank you


ps......if anyone can tell me how to actually pop a video into a blog I'd be grateful. I've forgotten!

pss or pps or whatever....just a reminder that I have another blog on the go, too, that one may want to visit. What Lena Leaves can be a bit boring at times!


Jay said...

Another great song. Too bad I don't work at a radio station. I'd sneak a few Casino songs into the playlist. But let us know when they get a CD made and where to buy it online. It might be difficult for me to stop by Edinburgh on my way to work to pick one up.

As for the video in a blog, on YouTube, just copy the "Embed" part on the right side of the page (make sure you have the smallest size for the video selected below the Embed line), then on your blog switch to "Edit html" and paste the code on your blog, then switch back to "Compose". You'll see a white block with a small X in one corner. But when you publish it, it will show the video.

jinksy said...

Have tried valiantly to play the video on both/either blog, but my poor computer can't cope with it. Sounds come out like a hiccup! Shame...

Lena said...

A huge thanks, Jay. Casino hopefully will have more recordings by Xmas. My daughter is an RDN and one of her patients and friends is a DJ for Radio One, which is fairly big in London, so we're hoping for a bit airplay sometime in the near future. So I'm keeping my fingers (and other bits of me)crossed for the lads!

rebecca said...


This was great! I love their music. Did you find a way to paste the video onto a post? I wasn't able to get the full screen and would love to see it again full screen. Congratulations to them on their hard-earned efforts. The way they sound, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they make it big time. I, for one, would buy their cd in a heartbeat.

And, congrats to you too, Mama! You must be so proud!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Lena, this was utterly brilliant and I mean it. I wouldn't have said so if I didn't believe it. The lok of fun on their faces too whilst they are playing was a joy to watch. I hope they get a break - so exciting nest pah?!

MarmiteToasty said...

ok the dam link dont work for me :(

adding a video to ones blob is easy, just clip on the video add thingie on your blobber page :)


Lena said...

Well, I think I've managed it - with a little help from my friends, so I'll keep it up until we're all blummin sick of it!

Seriously though, they've been asked to play King Tuts on January 2nd, and that's probably Glasgow's most sought after stage. So a band from Falkirk getting precedence here is quite an achievement.

Lena said...

See, Jay - I'm a show-off now! I can do little AND big 'uns!