November 03, 2008

Life's Real Carer's

I haven't as yet blogged about Liz and Tam. They both live next door, in their forties, and quite frankly are the type of neighbours you'd choose if you could. Fate, however, was lucky enough to bring them next door to us. In the six years we've known them, I can honestly say that they've been a real bonus to the street. The realtionship they have struck up with my kids - especially Liz with Adam - and others is warm and touching. Granted, she doesn't take any shit from him either, if she felt he ever needed a kick up the arse she would boot him into touch but as yet he's been bruise free. He says if anything ever happened to us (mum and dad) he'd want to live with them. And considering I'm from a huge family that speak volumes.

One bit of difference is that Liz and Tam aren't a couple. They're best friends. Eyebrows are always quick to rise at situations as such, when in fact the world is populated with male and female friendships remaining as so. I can recall just after my first marriage split up, for a few months I moved in with my twin sister and her fiance and there were rumours of two-for-the- price-of-one, that disgusted me. I did have a home of my own but felt I needed a bit extra support during a very difficult time and it's sad that society can't accept situations without adding a dash of smut. Hey hoe.

Anyhow - I felt I needed to put my appreciation into words for an exceptional couple. Liz is decidedly nutty, funny, honest, and mostly caring. She's been there for me in difficult times and her no nonsense approach is honourable. If something is needing done by God, Liz gets results! I wish I was more like her. In the past few years the funniest phone calls, nights outs and over the fence blethers have been with her. Tam even came through to support the boys at their Battle Of The Bands gig in Glasgow where most of my family knew but 'couldn't make it'. At Ross's birthday parties ( you know - the ones parent's are banned from...) they've handed booze and snacks through for the boys. After my father died she helped with the kids and was a tower of strength. Last Christmas I was feeling really down as Liz helped me from that downer. The list could on but I'm sure you all get the drift.

One thing I am a bit scared of is the health of her older and cherished Doberman, Tarot. At 12 he's an old man in doggie years and has a poorly leg. If the swelling doesn't go down he might need surgery and that's an option that might be dangerous for an old dog with a heart condition. He's her baby, you see. Liz has always declared that she's not in the least bit maternal (although you wouldn't think it as she fabulous with kids!) and her dogs are her life. Some people chose not to have kids (mmmm hmmmm) and that's fine. But when Tarot does go, (and God blessing it'll be a while yet. I'll have to do a Liz and be there for her. I only hope I make as just as good a job of it as she would.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh I bet you will do just a grand job of being there for her. What a lovely post to a good friend from a good friend. long may your friendship continue. Hope the dog has a few years left in it yet.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hi Lena!
They sound like wonderful people!
And how fantastic that they were there with you to support your Son in his proud moment!
I do hope her doggy will be ok but if anything, God forbid, should happen I'm sure you will be there for her with a new puppy for her in your arms!
I love Scotland by the way! I had many a holiday in Glasgow and Edinburgh in my student years and laughed a lot at the Edinburgh comedy festival in the 90's!
All the very best!

auntiegwen said...

I'm sure you'll be there for her in the most appropriate way, honey.

I hope it goes as well as it can for her xx

The Dotterel said...

Neighbours - good ones, that is - are like gold (and as rare as hen's teeth!). You've hit the jackpot.

Jannie said...

It will be sad when he goes but I am sure you have much strength inside you too to be a good friend to Liz then.