March 24, 2015

♥ - Woody Woody Wuv Hearts - ♥

                                                                                 Kept things simple and silly this week!
Still standing there, that rugged tree
adopted by both you and me

we watched the world from way up high
all love 'n' stuff  into the sky

our perfect hide-away from school
playing both the owl and fool

a knight clad in maroon and grey
you stole my very soul away

just off that homebound shaded path
we kissed, we climbed, we sung, we laughed

catching leaves that fluttered down
you twisted them into a crown

for I became your wood princess
all floaty in my week-end dress

fading then regaining shoots
deciduous  from hair to roots

with careful chips we carved our heart
the time had come now to impart

it meant so much, so much to me
us spending time around that tree........................................

adult years now bring me back
retracing steps and stirring tracks  

announced yet in the here and now
amid the blossom, bark and bows

an arrow thwacked and cutting through 
initials joining me and you

a solid tree destined to last
oh, how these years have whizzed by fast

my first true love, my heart's big deal
oh how I wished that you were real 


Berowne said...

Sharply innovative response to the prompt.

Karen S. said...

Not only shared a lovely time, but built many a fond memory of that old oak tree! Lovely read, thanks.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I liked the poem it reminds me of school days in love. (?!) The picture with the carving is sweet.

Theresa Milstein said...

It's so eerie how the gnarled trunk looks like people, isn't it? I like reading everyone's take.

Geo. said...

Beautiful. Harkens back to a time when I climbed trees for fun instead of work... oh, even an arborist can imagine, can fall in love even when nobody's around.

Anonymous said...

An easy read, and I do enjoy those. Especially when they impart so many feelings in their simplicity. I really liked the surprise ending as well, as it changed the tone of what I'd just read. Beautiful!

CountryDew said...

Very nice.

Tess Kincaid said...

Delightful as always...