June 25, 2014

The Final Wrap

On our weekly walk, McScrooge and I were fascinated in passing our route by the high school, to hear a piper playing and a party marquee erected with a huge sound system playing music.  We found out that for the first time it was to mark the end of a successful school year and the piper played in honour of a teacher's retirement.  Quite a decent way to wrap things up.

It also jogged my memory of PrettyBoy's last day ever of his  school days before uni.  Back then, the kids had their own idea of what last day of school should be about.  Now, we knew of his intention of dressing like an eedjit (hence the photo) but of the other stuff one of his mates let slip a week or two later.  So he and a group of his close mates had a series of pranks made up and thus went on:

*** They ran into the library with one of those 'horn in a can' things that you hear at football matches - and almost gave Mrs Jennings the clerk a coronary.

They tied adjacent classroom door handles together and banged on the doors simultaneously.

Jars of little fishes (baggy minnows) from a nearby pond were tipped into the staff room toilet sinks.

A huge dick was sprayed in cream or foam (he couldn't remember) on the head's office door.

The janitor's shed was ringed by school ties and his mop and bucket had loads of poster paint squirted into it.

And lastly (all that they were admitting to anyhow) bog roll was looted from the toilets and decorated over the school trees ***

I can see why Ross never confessed to any of this too soon.  But I can't help smiling when I think of the poor teacher who went to wash her/his hands after a piddle.


^.^ said...

I wrote about a few more pranks I remember, but they went poof, probably for a reason ... smiles ... o well ... Love, cat.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

SO devious!!! He should post a memoir of their best pranks :)

Jon said...

That is an INCREDIBLE final wrap!

My graduation from a small, rural high school in Southern California was completely uneventful, sane, and tame.
I regret it.

(perhaps I should go back there now and raise hell)

anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahahahaha! after a loooong day at work, this post made me LOL!

my graduation from high school was much like jon's (it being a CATHOLIC school, we didn't get to raise hell). seems I missed out on some good times...

Anonymous said...

That's one fine looking boy, all right!

Joyce Lansky said...

We graffitied the cafeteria that was going to be remodeled with the administrations permission. Not much of a prank, was it?


Geo. said...

That is what happens when you let kids dress themselves. A delightful post!

Kathe W. said...

too hilarious!