December 29, 2013

Missing Months part one

Last time I made any proper commitment to a Blogger post, it was a very sunny and warm day.  Today I have a hand warmer pad microwaved and slung into the pouch of my fleecy-kitty shrug (thank you PrettyBoy for that - a very much appreciated Xmas gift despite the scary hood!). I've been away too long.......

 I'm back with a wordy vengeance and need to catch up with my regular followers and groups that I loved visiting.  I guess I've missed Magpie Tales the most.  Besides today's entry, my last poem was Mag 184. Rhyme withdrawal is one of the most difficult to manage, but I intend to shoot up hoards and hoards of blogs to get the habit going again.

Anyhow - a few family things worth a mention.  PeaPod and his band No Need For Idols played Glasgow's King Tuts and performed a song that he himself wrote about his father (The Cheaper Half). It was very emotional hearing it in all it's glory live and on stage.   And reporting on me other son's band......I'm happy to report that Paul from Hotel India has recovered from his broken wrist and gigs should start a happening soon.

And now for a (kinda) nasty and nice bit of news.  Kerri and James ( my daughter and her hubby ) made the papers when an intruder was discovered having sneaked into their home!  Probably smuggled into the country via a banana bunch, this False Widow spider was cutting about their house like a welcomed tenant!  I know how regular spiders frighten the crap out of Kerri but these ones are of the few in Britain that can give a nasty bite.  Even I, chief  'pidie saver in my own abode would have been tempted to slipper-squish this bugger.

And finally, on a cheerier note.  James's landscaping company (Gavin Jones) of whom he is the boss, won the Bali British Awards title for 2013, held at Grosvenor House in London. Hosted and presented to them by Hugh Dennis, regular panellist on TV comedy show, Mock The Week (I'll upload a short video  of his spontaneous voice-over talents on my side bar shortly) it sure was a proud day. Can't wait to take another tour again next month!  Worth a click here if you're interested!  

Off for a little catch-up now....I'm a bit rusty, but It's nice to be back.....XxX



Steven Cain said...

Very Cool!
Great to have you back!
Have a wonderful New Years!

Ginny Brannan said...

"I don't like looking straight at me
The me the whole world wants to see
Raw emotion, gilded gain
A wreath of mediocre pain"

I loved this whole piece, but especially this first stanza. We really tend to be our own worst critics don't we?

Very nice to see you back again. Happy New Years to you!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

You're back! I was slightly worried. Congrats on the landscape award (my garden could certainly use a total rescaping). Mock the Week is great (but what happened to the man with the scottish accent?). I also try to watch Outnumbered when it's on.

Jon said...

Hey - - welcome back!!
Congratulations on Jame's landscaping company award.

I've never heard of a false widow spider. ALL spiders scare the hell out of me.

musicwithinyou said...

Cool on all accounts, even the spider. Never heard of that kind.

Helena said...

Hi Steve! Thanks for the return greeting - will be popping over to you soon!

Rob - thank you Rob. The missing guy from MTW went on to make his own comedy sketch show! I think he is gigging like mad these days!

Jon - thank you so much! It's nice to have been missed!