December 29, 2011


On Saturday( Hogmanay/New Year's Eve),  my baby girl, Kerri, turns 30. OMG? Did I just say 30? Weird thing is, I can recall her birth as clear as a bell.  Even now!  I'm not too great at buying presents or indeed babbling on the phone, but one thing I  do my damndest at is poetry and rhyme. That is the one sure thing that comes from my heart.  So below is a dedication to the day my angel (eventually!) popped into the world.  Alli Bally Bee.......

My Girl

Reflecting on your birth day, how you popped into the world.
My one and only daughter, firstborn, little baby girl.
I recall that very morning, as the niggles started up
Held my breath, bit my lip, stared into my coffee cup

Uh-oh! The planned arrival's curiously making waves.
It only cramps a little bit, I must try to be brave.
Your dad met me at Maternity, a smile upon his face
A floppy rose in one hand, and a watch to set the pace.

Feeling quite uncomfortable, from sit, to stand, to sit
I didn't like the set up, not one single bloody bit!
He asked how I was doing and I lashed out with my tongue
For it felt I had an open brolly sticking up my bum!

You weren't too concerned about making your appearance
And all I wanted here and now was full-blown baby clearance!
Deliver us from pain and things, it was beyond a joke
Not even sweat stained lullaby's were able to evoke!

I huffed and puffed and panted, swore and knocked some flowers down
Prayed to God: '...just kill me now...', while in my labour gown.
You still maintained a lie-in, in no hurry to appear
While I told your dad he's 'in for it, when we get out of here!'

They offered pain relief for me, I took it and was grateful
But that just slowed the process down, how could they be so hateful!
Then  'crack ' you burst your bubble, water gushing all about
I felt worse than central reservoir, depleted and washed-out!

Now, I felt you coming, waves of chronic, gripping stuff!
Dilating me to number 10 - when 4 was bad enough!
But, yes, indeed, still here was I , the mid-wife quite confounded
I'd said good-night-and-morning twice, akimbo and abounded....

This baby was the champion, a sac of pure control
There would be no Miss-taking,  Little Miss's  future role!
So, where that strength was mustered, Heaven knows from where it came
I purged so hard, I soon saw stars and lighter I became.

You were swabbed and robed and measured, checked out quickly by the nurse
Who handed me sweet little 'you' and forgave my need to curse!
Twenty-seven long hard hours, it took you to comply
I kissed your bloodied forehead and the pain just waved goodbye.

But from the moment I first saw you -  what a rush of pinking air.
A girl when they all said 'a boy',  you made your mark from there!
A chubby little face you had and fingers long and thin
A heart that beat so very fast, a precious stone within.

The beginning of a story,  chapters that just captivate
I don't believe in magic, just the power to create.
My perfect little baba, my funny, funny girl
An addition and a honour to this huge revolving world!


Friko said...

Yes, yes, yes, going through it all again in my mind reminds me how horrifying it was. And when it was all over, there was sweetness and light.

A lovely poem to your big girl, wish her happy birthday from me.

And a Happy New Year to you!

Catfish Tales said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Well done, you. And I do hope your daughter - CONGRATS - enjoyed it too!!!

Lena said...

I certainly shall, Friko! The song that played in the background just after Kerri was handed to me was Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic! It is, too!

Thankyou Cath!

Lolamouse said...

Your poem brought back many memories of my own daughter's (now almost 16) birth. Hers was a 37 hour labor-ugh! Perhaps that is why she's my only child!

CeltNess said...

Very touching, sad, funny, happy...OUCH.
Told you before mrs, DO SOMETHING with this bloody talent! I mean it, ya hear? Seriously gifted. 2012, shit,tomorrow-- ...YOU my friend WILL do something about it,& you know how i will keep on & on & on? lmao. OK? Got it? ;) xxx

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a Wonderful New Year, Lena!

Scumbag Sam said...

Aw, happy birthday to her and happy new year to you!!!

Sorry to do this to you, but I've had to tag you into one of my blogs - head on over and you'll see why... hehe! x