April 28, 2011


Many times they told me
you were just a cheap illusion
I, absorbed in full blown colour
Interprismatic seclusion

Just mirrors giving precedence to
sequins, beads and shines 
Amass, a mixture calling,
silent crystalized designs

Such a simple little cannister
bejewelled and constrained.
In just one twist, you'll never see 
such symmetry again

Continually changing
in this world where all  reflects.
Kaleidescope take me away
from all at which I'm vexed

My simple little charmer,
hoarder of hypnotic lure.
Master of the elongated wink,
optic guider of the tour


Olivia said...

That's one bold color palette sketched Lena!

Very vivid n strong.. :)

Friday Hugs xox

Helen said...

A whimsical Magpie befitting the many-faceted image.

Isabel Doyle said...

I like your elongated wink good poem

thingy said...

A simple device with so much beauty. : )

Colorful tale, Lena.