January 26, 2011

Little Miss Run Around

I use to love writing and reading out short stories for children when I was a helper in my sons' primary school years. This is my first story as I usually try verse here.  Now, I'm a bit rusty, but how to incorporate a huge sign and winter weather I was almost at a loss until I came up with this guff. Suffer little children......!
Clue nine at last! In the shed he found it and started to tear it open. His eyes kept watch of a meddlesome spider. What right had it living in winter? He was convinced it was nodding a warning antennae at him. Usually he would just stomp on creepy-crawlies, pelt at it before it got any closer,  but since falling in love with Ellie, he made a firm vow to her that he wouldn't kill any of natures' creatures.  It wasn't good for karma (whom ever that is!) but he pledged his 'Lovehearts Allegiance' (especially the violet ones) nonetheless.   So he let the thing torment him for just a bit longer.

It was Ellie's birthday today. That was her into double figures now. To make the day more special she was in hiding and Hugh was to seek her out. She'd set up a bundle of clues and all he had to do was follow them rigidly. It only took 10 mins so far, to fathom out the rhymes. His reward, apart from a fab day out tomorrow, would be a kiss. On the mouth this time.  His heart truly was hers. Quickly, he pulled out the clue. Each task had proved a little harder. But he'd now reached the penultimate clue! In a few minutes he'd taste those candy-floss lips. All soft and pouty.  It was only this clue away, and read out loud:

                                All you have to do now,
                                Is to make good of your senses
                                The last clue, points you straight to me
                                Around the roadside fences.

At that point Ellie's father appeared. Near gave Hugh the fright of his life, popping up over a pile of old boxes!

" Ah, lad...!" he sighed. "You've made it this far!. Well done!"

"Is anything wrong....?" Hugh panicked a bit. Mr Higgins was a loud kind of man, a voice for discipline he rarely used. Very dramatic in his ways.

"No, no, no.....well......ah,...as you know, Ellie likes a bit of a fuss, used to getting her own way - worse since her mother died - all I wanted to do was give you a 'help' regarding this final clue........"

"No, no. You mustn't. It has to be all down to me. They have led me this far, and the last clue I have right in my hands. I take it you know where she is..?

"Of course, but......"

"Then make your way towards her. I'll find her soon enough......You do know I love your daughter very much?"

"I know lad"  Mr.Higgins nodded his head, unconvincingly. This time next month she will be tormenting some other boy, flaunting her beauty and wealth at him and he will be the next cinder that outs as a new flame begins.  "All I will say is, remember how ostentatious she can be.....how she thrives on shock!  How the little madam loves a showstopper!!!"

Hugh gulped, as the man became rather distraught.  Reckoned it couldn't be easy bringing up a daughter on his own.

" Right then, lad. See you shortly, very shortly, if you follow my guide."  He tapped the side of his nose.

              *                               *                           *                           *

 The following day, Ellie sat across from Hugh, swinging her legs nonchalantly under the table while Mr.Higgins carried the tray of food over.

"Didn't you even once question what the giant, lit up arrow was all about...?" he asked Hugh.

"I did wonder a bit as I've seen daft birthday banners and things by busy roadsigns but that's usually for older people.  Thought it had been dumped. Left over Christmas banner or something. I was concentrating more on the clue to be honest"

"And I was behind that sign, too! "Ellie reminded him for the umpteenth ."All I wanted you to do was find me and get a snap of us together before our day out!  To show you how clever I was. How hard was that..?

"In all fairness, Ellie, " her father said, Hugh did wait on the hill with the toboggans for over an hour before you eventually thought he might be there........and the police weren't too happy, either....huge road signs included. Bad idea, bad idea."

'Ahhh, don't worry, dad. Next year I'll see in my birthday on the Eiffel Tower or similar. Not even you could botch this one up, Hugh....you know, one foot in front of the other in the right direction.!"

                                   *                                      *                                             *
Dropping Hugh off, he handed Ellie yesterday's birthday card..."You may as well still have it, he traveled a fair bit to get to you.....Thanks for the meal Mr.Higgins."

At home Ellie bounced on her over-sized chair then stopped to open her card, instantly letting out hysterical screams.  "In the card, in the card.......!!"

Mr.Higgins ran through. Picking it up, he tentatively opened the card and read:

                           I so enjoyed the birthday girl
                          A great idea to hide her....
                          So  I send this card
                          In great regard......
                         Love, Hugh and Squish the spider.

Trying to stifle the giggles , Mr Higgins, asked rather squeakily, as he viewed the spiders remains.... "I take it the romance is off, then?"


Reflections said...

Clever fun piece, have always liked deciphering clues on the race to a wonderful prize awaiting.

Sioux Roslawski said...

A great way to blend prose and verse. (I loved the name "Squish the Spider.")

Tumblewords: said...

A delightful read!

Berowne said...

Very well written...

Tess Kincaid said...

Nice read, Lena.