February 25, 2010

No Need For Tears......(but I ended up in them anyhow).

Sadly, NNFI were runners up at last night's final in Glasgow!  Bloody' winning band won with SIX covers, and two originals whereas 'Ma utha Boayz' vice-versa'd that! So if you're a band of males, who sing like girls and cover Girls Aloud, Lady Gaga, and dance songs and the only female judge is an Ibiza DJ and very pretty, then you're in with a shout for next year!
       Anyhow, Ma (original) Boayz (The Valentines) reformed and were the special guests artists while the judges deliberated. THEY ourclassed ALL the bands there! That was the higher mentors' opinion in the dressing room as well as mine, of course!  So The Valentines took  NNFI  under their musical wings and boosted their spirits by sharing the limo on the way home.  The young one's after event perty went ahead (at Dave's house) and I believe Adam copped off with a gorgeous fan! But I went home for a cuppa tea and some TLC from my cat and older son.
       NO NEED FOR IDOLS was the band that gained the most points in stage performance. Oliver is a fabulous front man and considering they only banded in June 09' (and were the youngest band with all at 16) is a huge achievement. They have released 2 demo's, are sought after on a regular basis in Glasgow venue's and there has been some managerial interest in them, particularly with Walk Away! So, it's fair to say that the lads are paying their dues to their fans, which is a key factor to true success. Okay - rant and sour grape gripe over with.....!

I'll post more pictures once I've edited them, so keep calling back! I was very lucky in that Adam had my name down on the guest list for the show. Tickets were sold within 2 HOURS of release and were arranged through St.Mungo's high school on behalf of the band. So, there was a lot of disappointed family and friends on the drummer and the lead guitarist's side as they attend Larbert and Falkirk  high schools. In a certain sense I'm glad it's all over with as these things rarely run smoothly and the sudden return of the snow was shit timing, too! Next focus will be Casino's next round of the Bulge Band Battle (their site's under construction meantime) but details will be
updated on a regular basis. Phew!


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah the rocky road to fame. But you already know that it's the people that keep going, refining, developing through every setback that take the cup home. They'll get there hen!

Anonymous said...

...chin up, helen. We wanted to go see the Vals but tickts were gone quick.....tell them we'll see about a vid for wee Kez's band in the summer, lift their spirits (non-alcopops) a bit!


Lena said...

MOB - they're fine now and you're right the setback threw them into gear again and they've written a bloody good stonking song! GingerNut (who's blonde for the time being) and Oliver have been writing songs since knee high to a newt so I think defeat HAS made them stronger.

Lanky - The Valentines were brilliant and I'm sure Dickie's dad video'd their set. The boys will be delighted about the video but don't be surprised if they take a bit of influence from 'you-know-who's'.


kobico said...

A cover band?!? That's just wrong.