November 28, 2009

Happy 16th Adam!

My baby turns 16 on Monday, St.Andrew's Day, and I can hardly believe he's reached his first milestone.  His birth was a memorable experience in such as he was born with black eyes and a little facial bruising.  No. Neither me, his dad or our midwife dropped him, but I felt like strangling the nurse who at 7am, told me I wouldn't be giving birth until that afternoon.

At 7.30am, (and fully dilated) amongst a desperate flurry , he arrived. Because the birth was so quick (and unstoppable) he ended up with facial and body compression. It did, strangely, bring out the colour of his hair making it even more lustrous. Maternity nick-named him The Golden Child. The other babies in the ward at the time were little bundles of pink skin and dark mops or peachy with bald heads, so his thick, golden hair ( and a pummelled face) was something that didn't come along too often. And still he continues to be golden.

My baby has grown up now, following in the footsteps of his older brother. A bright, confident and cheeky chap who the girls all adore.  Lots of friends and the most chicken hearted, caring teen, who STILL volunteers to go shopping with his mum and doesn't give a hoot about bumping into pals. Whose  kisses are free and planted often as the limbs wrap around you. He's a brilliant drama student and plays drums in his band No Need For Idols and he mollycoddles the cat far too much.

His 'natural' talent is comedy. Over the years, it's Adam who has made me laugh the most. If I was to clarify his one main factor, that would be it.  Where the madcap ideas, impulsiveness and confidence comes from I've no idea. But I know they'll remain with him for life. He'll never become a boring old fart like his dad.

Here's a few pics. One from when he was a baby. And the other two from what he does best these days. His hair was dyed black and grown long in his band snap and the other doing his solo scene from his school musical.

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